"The Highest Form of Excellence
is like that of Water"

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu


Adding strategic value
to every transaction
over and above the
capital we provide

Templewater is a solution-based and trusted partner to institutions, entrepreneurs and family offices. We invest across the alternative asset classes in private equity, growth equity, and real estate.



Private Equity
Private Equity
Helping promising businesses realize their full potential by active value creation over and above the capital provided
Real Estate
Real Estate
Unlocking value in property assets across Australia and New Zealand to generate sustainable and risk-adjusted returns for our investors
Impact Investing
Impact Investing
We invest and engage in businesses to drive positive and lasting impact for companies, employees, communities, the environment and our investors
Assets Under Management
US $
Unaudited figures as of 31 January 2024
Investment & Operation Professionals
Total Investments


From Our Partners

“ I have known the Templewater team for many years so I agreed to take up the role of Director at Bravo Transport Holding. They are capable of bringing together the right blend of like-minded people into a transaction, and they manage the process with professionalism, diligence, and rigor. They have a commitment to adding value to the businesses they invest in.”

Stephen Koseff
Founder and former CEO of
the Investec Group

“We have worked with Investec in the UK for many years and have experienced a similar culture of deal-making, frank communication, and flexibility when dealing with Templewater.  We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead of us.”

Andrew Fischer
Co-Founder of Rubicon Partners

“Templewater and Ascendal share the same vision of inspiring people to love public transport in Hong Kong. Templewater is an entrepreneurial investment partner, who dares to innovate to improve the business in the longer term. Templewater worked side-by-side with us to build Bravo Transport into a stronger company and to serve our community in an impactful manner.”

Adam Leishman
Executive Chairman and
Founder of Ascendal Group

“The Irongate – Templewater partnership is built on shared values and a dedication to excellence and integrity in managing other people’s capital. We greatly value our partnership with Templewater and look forward to our future together.”

Graeme Katz
CEO of Irongate Group

“We wanted a partner whose culture was a good fit with ours. We appreciate Templewater’s speed of decision making, adaptability to changing circumstances and fairness in dealing. They are not a typical PE firm.”

Michel Lowy
CEO of SC Lowy



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