Bravo Media Successfully Launched MTR’s (East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail and MTR Bus) Advertising Concession on 1 January 2024

2 January 2024, Hong Kong
Private Equity

Bravo Media, is excited to announce the successful launch of its exclusive advertising concession to operate media resources on MTR's East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail, and MTR Bus, commencing from 1 January 2024. This significant contract win, and seamless transition mark a major milestone for Bravo Media, further solidifying its position as a key player in Hong Kong's out-of-home advertising market.

MTR Corporation is the largest public transport service provider in Hong Kong with an average 4.823 million weekday passengers in November 20231. Its overall market share of the public transport market in Hong Kong in the first five months of 2023 was 49.6%2.

“We are impressed by the passion and innovative ideas which Bravo Media has shared in their proposals.” said Ms. Jeny Yeung, Managing Director – Hong Kong Transport Services of MTR Corporation. “With their determination and commitment to strive for excellence and creativity, we look forward to seeing more creative media use in MTR."

“The tender win marks a historical milestone for Bravo Media, as it provides a unique opportunity for us to establish a stronger foothold in the dynamic and vibrant Hong Kong advertising market.” remarked Mr. Adam Leishman, CEO of Bravo Media. “Bravo Media being a young company in the advertising sector, it is our great honour to have been awarded the exclusive rights to operate media resources on MTR’s East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail and MTR Bus where it underscores our capability and endeavours to create innovative and highly effective advertising solutions to advertisers. We are determined to push the limits and re-shape the local out-of-home media landscape with the goal of fully unlocking the business potential of one of the city’s most popular transit media advertising platforms.“

Mr. Richard Petignaud, Managing Director of Bravo Media placed Bravo Media logo on a Digital Panel screen, symbolizing the exclusive MTR^ advertising Concession operated by Bravo Media officially launched.

About Bravo Media Limited:

Founded in November 2021, Bravo Media is a leading out-of-home media company in Hong Kong specializing in transit advertising. Currently, Bravo Media is the advertising agency operating Citybus’ bus body advertising and the exclusive advertising agency of MTR^ advertising managing media resources across MTR’s East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail and MTR Bus. Built upon a team of media veterans, creative and industry professionals, Bravo Media is committed to providing innovative and effective out-of-home advertising solutions to advertisers fostering brands connect with their target audiences and achieve their business goals.

For more details about Bravo Media, please visit its official website: or follow Bravo Media's LinkedIn.

1 Source: MTR patronage figures for November 2023 on MTR Corporation website

2 Source: MTR Corporation Limited 2023 Interim Report

^ MTR system here refers to East Rail Line, Tuen Ma Line, Light Rail, and MTR Bus

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