Bravo Transport unveils Hong Kong's first hydrogen fuel cell double-decker bus

15 July 2022, Hong Kong
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(15 July 2022, Hong Kong) Bravo Transport today unveiled Hong Kong’s first-ever hydrogen fuel cell double-decker bus at a ceremony officiated by the Honourable Mr. Cheuk Wing-hing, the Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region(“HKSAR”). Bravo Transport will continue to work closely with the government, to shape relevant regulations and ordinances in order to allow for the operation of hydrogen vehicles in Hong Kong with the aim to introduce production models with an estimated range of over 400 kilometers next year.

The world’s first tri-axle hydrogen double-decker bus with the commemorative “Hong Kong” livery was unveiled at the ceremony officiated by the Deputy Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR by the Honourable Mr. Cheuk Wing-hing and Bravo Transport Chairman Mr. Cliff Zhang. It was specially designed and built for Hong Kong by a consortium of experts led by Bravo Transport and Wisdom (Fujian) Motor Company Limited (“Wisdom”). It is a prototype vehicle designed to showcase the hydrogen fuel cell bus's capabilities to meet one of the world’s most challenging operating environments.

The bus has adopted key components and products from renowned international partners and suppliers, including fuel cell producer Ballard Power Systems and Type 4 hydrogen storage cylinder system provider CIMC-HEXAGON. Bravo Transport, Wisdom, Ballard Power Systems and CIMC-HEXAGON are developing the application of existing technology and future hydrogen double-decker buses for ongoing trials in Hong Kong.

Hydrogen is a well-developed environmentally friendly power source for commercial vehicle applications, with increasing usage around the world. Hydrogen vehicles are capable of handling hilly terrain and steep grades, with a range more comparable to existing diesel vehicles but even better environmental benefits and a refueling time of around 10 to 15 minutes. There is a great potential for hydrogen to be a future key power source for transportation in Hong Kong. The production model with an estimated range of over 400 kilometers, will be introduced to Hong Kong next year, in support of the government’s plan to conduct trials of hydrogen buses.

Mr. Zhang said, “We are proud to say that the bus is designed by our innovative Bravo Transport's technical team in Hong Kong, showcasing Hong Kong’s unwavering mission and potential in becoming a technological innovation hub. Both Bravo Transport and Wisdom look forward to collaborating with the government in bringing innovative research and development, along with real trials and the large-scale production of next-generation “Made in Hong Kong” zero-emission buses to the HKSAR, which will make us world-leading zero-emission transportation technology center. We also believe that there is a need to in parallel and develop the production, storage, and refueling systems of hydrogen technologies. We look forward to working with the government, academia and other industry partners on hydrogen research and development initiatives.”

The livery designed by Wisdom proudly celebrates the vehicle's status as the first hydrogen bus in Hong Kong, while also incorporating accents of Citybus’ classic yellow and blue colour scheme. The green to blue gradient colour logo symbolizes the chemical process of the hydrogen fuel cell by turning “green” hydrogen into “blue” water​, resulting in no direct emissions and is one of the cleanest forms of production.

Bravo Transport will continue to work closely with the government, to design relevant regulations and ordinances in order to allow the operation of hydrogen vehicles in Hong Kong. With both the electric and hydrogen double-decker bus, which can be tested in parallel, Bravo Transport is the industry leader in the zero-emission transformation journey, well-positioned in assisting the government in the formulation of a comprehensive zero-emission public transportation plan.

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Citybus and New World First Bus are owned by Bravo Transport Services and are committed to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Hong Kong that we serve, and providing safe and reliable bus services. The company employs over 5,000 staff, operates over 1,700 buses across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories and carries over 1 million customers per day. Bravo Transport has an industry-leading bus fleet with most of the buses operating franchised public bus services operating at Euro5 or above.

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