Templewater is proud to announce the arrival of Hong Kong's first-ever hydrogen double-decker bus

21 June 2022, Hong Kong
Private Equity

(21 Jun 2022, Hong Kong) Citybus today achieved a global first by receiving the first tri-axle hydrogen double-deck bus specifically designed and built for Hong Kong. This is a historical moment for the public transport sector in Hong Kong and for Citybus in our journey towards zero-emission. This is Hong Kong’s first public bus to be powered by hydrogen and is yet another milestone achieved by Citybus after the recent introduction of Hong Kong’s first electric double-deck bus. Citybus will continue to work with the government closely to design relevant regulations and ordinances in order to allow the operation of hydrogen vehicles in Hong Kong.

The vehicle is designed and built by a consortium of experts led by Bravo Transport and Wisdom (Fujian) Motor Company Limited (“Wisdom”), following the success of the electric double-deck bus project. To ensure the vehicle will achieve its maximum potential, we have adopted key components and products from renowned international partners and suppliers. The fuel cell, which is the key component that converts hydrogen into electricity, is provided by the world-leading fuel cell producer Ballard Power Systems; and the Type 4 hydrogen storage cylinder system is provided by CIMC-HEXAGON, a joint-venture company of CIMC Enric and Hexagon Purus. Both Ballard Power Systems and CIMC-HEXAGON, will work with us to develop the application of existing technology and more hydrogen double-deck buses for ongoing trials in Hong Kong.

Bravo Transport Chairman Mr. Cliff Zhang said “We are very proud to be the first public transport operator in Hong Kong to bring both hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric tri-axle double-deck buses to our city. These vehicles demonstrate Citybus’ leading position in Hong Kong’s public transportation sector’s zero-emission transformation journey. We have teamed up with renowned international and mainland Chinese partners and suppliers on the project, to deliver a top-quality and fit-for-purpose hydrogen bus suitable for Hong Kong’s operating environment. We thank the government for its ongoing collaboration to assist us in bringing this product into Hong Kong and will continue to work with the relevant government departments closely to design legislation and guidance to obtain the necessary approvals for the bus's official public launch.”

He continued "We aim to operate a full fleet of zero-emission buses by 2045 and we believe that hydrogen fuel cell technology, alongside battery-electric, are both viable options for Hong Kong’s challenging operating environment. With both battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell double-deck buses being tested in parallel, we can partner with the government in formulating a comprehensive plan for our city’s transition to carbon-neutral transportation.”

The bus is a prototype designed to showcase hydrogen fuel cell bus capabilities to meet one of the world’s most challenging operating environments, comprising of steep road gradients, high passenger loadings and consistent use of air conditioning systems. The side panels of the bus body have been made with carbon fiber, which is a lightweight but strong material often used in the construction of airplanes and brings further new innovation to bus design and operations, with a space frame body of stainless-steel tubes.

About Bravo Transport

Citybus and New World First Bus are owned by Bravo Transport Services and are committed to improving the quality of life for the citizens of Hong Kong that we serve whilst providing safe and reliable bus services. The company employs over 5,000 staff, operates over 1,700 buses across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories and carries over 1 million customers per day. Bravo Transport has an industry leading bus fleet with most of the buses operating franchised public bus services operating at Euro5 or above.

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