Templewater is proud to announce the arrival of Hong Kong’s first-ever purpose-built electric double-decker bus

12 October 2021, Hong Kong
Private Equity

(12 October 2021, Hong Kong) Bravo Transport Services Limited (“Bravo Transport”), the parent company of Citybus and New World First Bus (“NWFB”) and a portfolio company of Templewater I, L.P., is proud to announce the arrival of Hong Kong’s first-ever purpose-built electric double-decker bus.

The vehicle manufactured by Wisdom (Fujian) Motor Company Limited (“Wisdom”) was a joint project between Bravo Transport and Wisdom. A close partnership from concept, through design to this first production vehicle has enabled maximum development and understanding at every stage with a focus on Hong Kong’s challenging topography and operating environment. 

Adam Leishman, Bravo Transport’s CEO said “Electrification is only one of the many options in our search for the right future solution to deliver zero emission public transport solutions. As our city moves towards its carbon neutrality goals, we believe public transport bus companies can help contribute to this by supporting the future government targets and aspirations. Leveraging our international operating experience of both electric and hydrogen fuel options, we believe there is an emerging path to creating future carbon and roadside emissions reduction. Having Hong Kong’s first-ever electric double decker bus in our fleet signifies our company’s strong commitment towards a zero-emission future and we are proud to be the first operator of this type of vehicle, which is the mainstay of Hong Kong’s public bus operators.” 

“We are thrilled to provide the first double decker electric bus in Hong Kong, and it was our honor to collaborate with Bravo Transport on this project. The bus is packed with next generation technologies, making it suitable for Hong Kong’s operating environment.” Wisdom’s spokesperson said. 

The bus body has been redesigned to reflect its status as the next generation of electric bus. It adopts the classic yellow color scheme from existing Citybus fleet with fresh blue accents that symbolizes the bus’s electric and zero emissions nature. A finalized livery of the bus will be unveiled in due course at the public launch. 

In preparation of the official launch into service, the bus will now undergo a series of rigorous internal tests before completing the official vehicle inspection of the Transport Department. The launch date and route operations will be announced in due course but is expected to operate all over the city to gain valuable in-service operational data.

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