The Hong Kong Political Consultative Conference Youth Federation visits Ningde, Fujian to Promote Economic and Trade Cooperation

24 March 2023, Fujian
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(24 March 2023, Fujian) On March 24, Mr. Zhang Kun (Cliff), Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Political Consultative Conference Youth Federation Executive Committee, led a delegation to visit Ningde City, Fujian Province to promote economic and trade cooperation between the two places.

That afternoon, Mr. Lan Siqi, Chairman of the Ningde Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and Mr. Lin Yanfeng, Vice Chairman, met with Mr. Zhang Kun's delegation and introduced Ningde City. Mr. Lan Siqi said that in recent years, Ningde's business environment has been gradually improving. Everyone can come here to take a look, come up with ideas, and help Ningde improve further and contribute to better development in Ningde.

Ningde is an important overseas Chinese hometown in Fujian Province, with more than 458,000 overseas Chinese from Ningde scattered in 73 countries and regions. According to official incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 150 overseas Chinese (Hong Kong, Macao) and overseas Chinese (Hong Kong, Macao)-funded enterprises in Ningde.

"Although it is the first time to come to Ningde, I have long heard that Ningde is a vibrant city with a fast-growing economy," said Mr. Zhang Kun. "Today, we inspected several enterprises and felt the 'Ningde speed'. Ningde can introduce Hong Kong capital and high-end innovative technologies from foreign countries to bring synergy effects to Ningde's new energy and hydrogen energy industries and strengthen Ningde enterprises."

Located in northeastern Fujian Province, Ningde City has developed into four leading industrial clusters with international competitiveness in recent years: lithium batteries and new energy, new energy vehicles, stainless steel new materials, and copper materials. It has grown into a new growth pole of high-quality development in Fujian and its economic aggregate has risen from eighth in the province to fifth, entering the ranks of China's top 100 cities in one fell swoop.

"It's the first time to return to Ningde in three years. I feel the tremendous changes in Ningde in recent years and its remarkable development speed," said Mr. Pan Jiming, a member of the Ningde Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference from Hong Kong. He hoped to lead more Hong Kong innovative enterprises and investment companies to visit and investigate Ningde, promote economic and trade cooperation between the two places, and build a cooperation platform for the two places.

During the visit, Mr. Zhang Kun's delegation will also visit Ningde Normal University to discuss how to cultivate high-quality digital talents in Ningde, help Ningde promote the application of digital technology in various industries, establish a talent reserve for Ningde, and promote government projects.

* The above news article was translated by Templewater

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